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NEWS! ORDER your poster - Letter to My Mother 


Dear film lovers, 


You can order the poster of the film Letter to My Mother (18Min 2019) by Amina Maher now for 48 Euros without the shipment costs. The independent film that luckily received +200 Festival Selections and +50 Awards.


The poster is a fantastic artwork, done by a Berlin-based Artist, Rory Midhani. Order it and frame it on the wall of your room, or living room. If you do not have a wall full of queer film posters, you should begin to make one. 


Thanks for your support of independent filmmaking. Every order or donation will go first to those who worked until now for free, then to the costs of distribution, submissions, providing presskit material, and similars. 

copy of Film Poster - Letter to My Mother (19Min 2019)

48,00 €Price
  • 1. There is no return possbility after the order of this product.

    2. In case that the shipment will be returned, you should be kindly able to pay for the cost of the shimpent again. Thank you. 

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