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Based in Berlin, Germany

AVA Film Production is an intersectional, feminist, and queer network for filmmakers. The production aims to collect a new generation of filmmakers and represent their works that choose a non-normative approach to storytelling. The collective produces, distributes, and introduces art house films of trans, non-binary, BIPOC, and female filmmakers.


AWA Collective is a filmmaking network for everyone who tries to look at the world through a non-normative lens and change the cis-normative, patriarchal, and white supremacist systems, particularly in cinema. 

It is founded by filmmaker and artist, Amina Maher in 2022. Her films have been featured at festivals such as Cannes,

San Sebastian, CPH:DOX, FID Marseille, Frauen Film Festival Dortmund-Köln, Dok Fest München, Shorts Mexico, and Glasgow Shorts among many others. 

The collective features Maher´s trilogy, 1. Letter to My mother (Hybrid 2019) 2. Out of Frame (Fiction 2015) and 3. Where Is The Friend´s Home? (Dok 2022) as well as Isis Caroline´s short Quinze (Fiction 2020). 

Maher´s first directorial debut feature and Cristi Puiu feature among Marseille’s FIDLab 2022 projects.
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