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Things Always Happen Before One Thinks
Written by Amina Maher
Copyright @ Amina Maher / AWA Productions 2022-23


The life of a Russian musuam curator enters into a crisis after knowing she has been dating the refugee student of her pianist husband.


Viktoria, a Russian fine art museum curator who strives to explore her sexual life outside of her open marriage, emotionally and sexually feels attracted to an Iranian refugee music student Arta with whom she begins to date from Christmas. A conversation on Viktoria´s relationship and love issues lead them to a wild sex at Arta´s place and a conversation on Arta´s refugee experiences lead them to a playful public sex in Berlin. After exploring shameful desires for the first time at Viktoria´s fancy flat followed by playing music and having a romantic dinner, they realize that Viktoria´s husband, Valentine is Arta´s piano teacher at university. 

Idea, Plot, and Script: Amina Maher    

Estimated Runtime: 18Min   

Searching for Director & Producer ​

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