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SWEET GIN & COLD WINE (2013 - Fiction) First Bachelor Film

The relationship between a young couple is dealing with problems and turmoil.


Amin and Hoda in order to solve the problems, both go through unusual solutions and behaviors. Amin buys a red dress that Hoda does not like and this matter causes a struggle between them. Amin brings a storefront mannequin to the house; he gets drunk and starts dancing with it. Hoda is disturbed because of the mannequin, but she has a quiet personality.


A couple struggle to free their relationship from the shackles of moral values and traditional taboos. 

Director, Producer, and Scriptwriter: Amin Maher
Editor and Sound Designer: Ali Nikkhouy
Cinematographer: Sajjad Alavimanesh
Assistant Director: Armin Rezavand
Cast: Amin Maher, Hoda Taheri
Camera Assistant: Mohammadreza Heidari
Music Selector: Tayebeh Kiumarsi
Set Manager: Keyvan Abbasi
Light Designer: Derek Husni, Sajjad Alavimanesh

Color, HD, 16:9   |   25 Min   |   2014, Iran

Review by Oldenburg International Film Festival, Germany


Surrounded by temptations of the world of Western consumer culture, Amin and Hoda are in constant struggle to free their relationship from the shackles of traditional moral values and sexual taboos.


A fight, a few drinks too many, and Amin finds himself in a new relationship - with a storefront mannequin. Unlike Hoda, the new girl is a game for anything. And she doesn’t talk as much. A whimsical portrait of a young generation at a crossroads.

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